Sunday, January 18, 2009

Yarn and the City!

I was in New York City this weekend for a fabulous weekend trip with my sister (an avid knitter), so it was fitting that we went on a hunt for yarn shops. I am proud to report two more dots on my google map of yarn shops. The abundance of local yarn shops in a place like NYC made me realize the fundamental lack of shops in DC (especially since the closing of DC's only weaving shop).

The first shop we visited was The Point. I love that The Point is both a knitting shop and a coffee shop. The set up of the yarn was just beautiful with baskets of yarn hanging on the walls and hand-painted skeins displayed in their own corner. My only problem (and this is something I encounter A LOT) was that the staff was incredibly unfriendly! I don't know if we just came at a bad time or if it's just New Yorkers, but we were very disappointed. The second shop was Purl. The staff at Purl was incredibly friendly even though the tiny shop was hopping when we got there! Purl had a lot of fancy yarns that I definitely could not afford, but it was great to look! Both shops had a lack of crochet supplies.

I also made some progress on a crocheted shawl that I started last week. I'm trying a lacy pattern for a triangle shaped shawl. Jon's Boston Red Sox hat is complete and in full use (I will post pictures ASAP). And yes, my chenille scarf is still on the loom. Sigh. I'm hoping to take advantage of some of the daylight tomorrow to weave the last few inches.

Is anyone in DC for the inauguration?! It's getting crazy around here!

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