Sunday, May 3, 2009

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival!

Today I experienced my very first Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. The rain was pouring down, but we made it! Almost my entire weaving class enjoyed the festivities in Howard County, Maryland. My favorite part (aside from all of the tempting yarn) was watching the border collies chase the sheep around! If it had not been pouring, I could have watched them all day.
I am proud to report that I managed to leave the festival with NO new yarn purchases. I bought a couple of small gifts for folks, but no yarn! I'm actually disappointed because the reason I did not buy any yarn was that the majority of vendors at the festival were incredibly unfriendly. Given the tough economic times and the fact that it was raining cats and dogs, you would think vendors would be especially keen on selling their products. It seems I did not fit the profile for the ideal shopper, because my interest in the products was met with very rude vendors. So I bought nothing.
I did manage to take a few photos of the sheep, however!

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