Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bored of My Yarn Stash

I have been warned about this situation - more yarn than you know what to do with, yet none that is quite right for a project. I'm SO there. I have cone after cone, skein after skein. Yet, I can't seem to find the right color, the right weight or the right amount for the non-existent project in my head. What to do? The last thing I need to do is buy more yarn, but it is so tempting!

My chenille scarf is still hanging out on the loom. I am hoping to finish it before 2009. I have finished all of the crocheted projects that I planned for Christmas and look forward to posting photos of the finished works with their intended recipients in the coming weeks!

I am contemplating the following weaving projects for the coming months:
  • Another set of bags made with plastic bags
  • Cotton towels with the random cones of 6/2 cotton that I have laying around (any pattern recommendations are highly encouraged!)
  • Shawl made with weft made from my mom's old silk saris
I hope all of you have a nice holiday season, whatever your faith tradition may be.