Friday, December 12, 2008

Scarves Galore!

I have made some (very little) progress on the chenille scarf, but I thought I would post some photos anyways. I really love the blue on the black. I am doing a basic twill pattern to avoid worming of the chenille. I am happy with the pattern, but not thrilled about the edges. It would have been nice to have the selvedge threads, but since I don't, I'm working with what I have. This is a learning process...

I am also working on a crochet scarf to give as a gift. The yarn is so soft and a fun color, so I'm hoping that its recipient enjoys it this winter!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How Often Do You Weave?

I am constantly reading other weaving blogs and am always impressed at the quality and quantity of projects folks are able to produce. How much do you weave? Please let me know via the comments section.

I try to weave a few hours a week on my loom at home. I weave or work on other fiber projects at the ArtSpace for two hours each week. Overall, I find that it takes so long to complete projects on the loom, but I just don't know when I else I would make time for it. Obviously, I am a beginner and warping up takes a while, but I feel like a snail compared to you folks!

As an update, I have woven about 5 inches of my 70 inch+ long chenille scarf. Sigh. I still have a crocheted scarf and two sets of crocheted mug rugs to finish before Christmas. I suppose I should stop blogging and start working!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Social Media

I am attending a social media conference for work this week and one of the major topics is blogging. I am new to the blogging world and I am wondering how folks have been able to up their readership. I use GoogleReader to subscribe to many weaving blogs (some upon the suggestion of the magical reader). I know I have sent the link to this blog to my various friends, but has anyone else found this site?

If you know of folks in your "social network" who might be interested in my various projects, please send my link to them! I am hoping to plug into the weaving social network through this blog - I have learned so much from other weaving bloggers and hope that others can also find some inspiration in my work!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Frustrating Warp

I have started a new project after the very successful recycled bags. This new project is a bit more frustrating. I have decided to do a short warp for once and make a cozy chenille scarf (just 1!) in time for Christmas. I think I got a bit too excited and was a bit careless.

I set the yarn at 15 epi in a 10 dent reed. The chenille is so shiny and black that I had a really hard time making sure I was threading it correctly. Then as I was winding the warp the selvedge threads slid out from the paper forcing me to take them out entirely. Well then, just when I thought I was ready to go, two of the threads were twisted together between the reed and the heddles. Sigh.

After all was said and done, I was able to get the loom ready to go, but now I don't feel like weaving! I'm so afraid that it's not going to look nice once I start weaving. I am going to do a twill pattern, but I'm worried about "worming" in the yarn. Sometimes I really wonder if I am meant to be a weaver. I have no patience for dressing the loom, planning out all of the calculations, going back to fix errors, etc.

Here is the warp. I will be using a light blue chenille weft with the black warp.

I have also procured even MORE yarn from Craigslist. I received two cones of black chenille and one giant cone of white chenille. I'll be making chenille scarves until 2010! Does anyone know if you can dye chenille? I like the white, but would love to make something colorful! Any advice would be great.

Until next time!

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