Monday, February 15, 2010

Weaving Nook

Since I moved last fall, I have enjoyed having a space for my loom in the bedroom, but last week, it got even more like an official weaving "nook." Jon installed a shelf above my loom to display some of my more attractive yarns. It adds some great color to the wall, and it makes my space feel more official. I still envy the wonderful studios of my fellow weaving bloggers, but this is what you get when you're a poor urbanite! Now if I could just find the time to actually weave!

This weekend we made our way to Western Maryland for a mountain getaway. I had to stop at a yarn shop along the way called Millicent's Yarns in Cumberland, MD. I highly recommend this shop to any knitters/crocheters/yarn enthusiasts. Not only was the selection wonderful, but they had a large library of books and a wonderful staff. The shop was packed with the young and old alike, yet the staff was still able to help everyone in the store. I picked up a number of items for a complex crochet project that I hope to finish before the summer.