Saturday, March 28, 2009

Who Uses Etsy?

Over the past few weeks a variety of people have asked me if I sell any of my work on Etsy. Until recently, everything that I have made was either given as a gift to friends or was sold at the ArtSpace annual bazaar (with all proceeds benefiting the ArtSpace). In recent months I have had a number of requests for specific items, and I have made them accordingly. I usually only charge for the materials.

I do not mass produce woven or crocheted items, so I never have much inventory of finished products on hand.

Here are my questions to those of you who sell on Etsy:
1. Do you keep a large inventory of finished products on hand?
2. Is accepting credit cards problematic?
3. How much up-keep is required of your Etsy site?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weaving, Jewelry, Crochet, Oh My!

It has been a productive week in my world of fiber arts! Click on the pictures below to view larger images. Jon was not around today to help me with photos (he's out fishing), so the image quality is not ideal.

I completed the inkle handles for my woven bag project:

I also made progress on a crocheted alpaca hat for my dad. There was a delay on this project because of a major bird's nest of a knot in my ball of yarn. I ended up just having to cut out the knot after battling with it for an hour.

I finished my first commissioned crocheted jewelry project! My colleague Rose requested a sterling silver crocheted necklace with dark pearl-like beads. The beads are actually a silver/blue color, but it is hard to tell from the photos:

I also managed to teach myself how to cast-on in knitting, thanks to an online video. I have the knit stitch down, so now I just need to improve my purl stitches. I won't even bother posting photos of my knitting work, it is too embarrassing. On tap for this week: focus on weaving.
  • Weaving at the ArtSpace: I am ready to thread my ends through the heddles for my multi-fiber warp scarfs.
  • Weaving at home: I have to complete my bags by April 9, so I better get a move on it!