Sunday, January 25, 2009

Recent Projects

I have decided to post pictures of the chenille scarf I keep talking about for two reasons:

1. It's growing on me and I no longer want to throw it out the window because of its many imperfections.
2. I don't know when I'll get around to wet finishing it because I'm afraid it's just going to fall apart in the wash! (and because I'm all out of quarters)

So... here it is:

I also finished my first "commissioned" project. My boyfriend Jon asked me to crochet him a hat in Boston Red Sox Colors. I'm happy with how it came out, but the yarn was a bit scratchy. So, we bought some alpaca at Knit and Stitch = Bliss in Bethesda, MD. I will post pictures of that hat as soon as I finish.

It's exciting to make something at the request of an interested party (although I wasn't paid for this project, hmm). :) Jon did take the photos that you see on this post, however.

On an unrelated note, it has been so exciting to see all of the hits on Feedjit from around the world! I love seeing where folks are reading my blog from out in the blogosphere. I am very curious about how you are finding my blog. I follow between 10-15 weaving/fiber arts blogs using Googlereader. The reader program often suggests new blogs for me to follow, which is why the list has grown. So... if you're brave enough, please let me know how you found me!