Sunday, March 15, 2009

Back from Italy!

I am back from a wonderful trip to Italy with my family that was filled with sightseeing, public transportation, crafty pursuits, and lots of gelato! We started in Venice where we visited Murano, the land of glass. I purchased a variety of glass beads to make more crocheted jewelry. While in Venice, we also visited a yarn shop! I have added the location to my growing googlemap of yarn shops. I purchased some very soft Italian yarn from the shop.

We continued on to Rome where we saw every possible monument in the city! We also happened upon a random yarn shop near Piazza Navona. This shop had a variety of yarns, needlepoint supplies, and bras. Yes, you read that correctly. Bras. It was very random.

Unfortunately, I did not make much progress on any projects during this trip. I sleep pretty soundly on planes, so I didn't even pick up my crochet project. I did, however, get a very excellent lesson in knitting from my mom and sister on the train from Venice to Rome. I learned how to do the knit stitch from a friend at work last week, and feel comfortable with it (thanks to some excellent teaching!). My mom and sister showed me how to purl. I am struggling with purl, but hope that practice will help me get faster.

As the three of us were working on our projects on the train, a nun walked by and spoke to us in Italian, pointing at the projects and smiling. We still have no idea what she said that day, but I am guessing she was pleased with our work!

That is all for now. I look forward to posting about some progress on various projects soon!

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Life Looms Large said...

Welcome back!!

Love the gelato in Italy!! (We found this one shop that served Nutella gelato in Florence. I want to go back to visit just for that snack!)

Looking forward to pictures!