Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hats Galore!

I have been experimenting with different crochet hat designs because I want to learn how to do shaped objects, but also because Jon is in need of a new hat. This was a fun exercise to practice shapes and get rid of some of my yarn stash! I will probably put these hats for sale in the ArtSpace Bazaar next year.

Close-up photos of the hats can be found in my crochet gallery.

The beanie (far right) was definitely the easiest to make, but it isn't very warm. I really like the green hat, but it's too big for my head. Jon likes the hat on the far left, so I will be starting another version of this hat using the new yarn I purchased (Red Sox colors) in Massachusetts.

If you have a favorite crocheted hat design, let me know!

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