Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How Often Do You Weave?

I am constantly reading other weaving blogs and am always impressed at the quality and quantity of projects folks are able to produce. How much do you weave? Please let me know via the comments section.

I try to weave a few hours a week on my loom at home. I weave or work on other fiber projects at the ArtSpace for two hours each week. Overall, I find that it takes so long to complete projects on the loom, but I just don't know when I else I would make time for it. Obviously, I am a beginner and warping up takes a while, but I feel like a snail compared to you folks!

As an update, I have woven about 5 inches of my 70 inch+ long chenille scarf. Sigh. I still have a crocheted scarf and two sets of crocheted mug rugs to finish before Christmas. I suppose I should stop blogging and start working!


Holly said...

Is your home loom a table loom? That goes much slower than weaving on a floor loom. When I have a warp on my table loom, I set a goal of 10 inches a day. I keep the loom close to the kitchen and when I'm waiting for something on the stove or in the microwave, I just pop over to the loom and weave a few picks.
I also belong to the Shuttle Moves forum on Ravelry and that keeps me motivated.

Sue said...

I know what you mean about seeing how prolific some people are with their weaving. But we all go at our own pace. Different times will find you inspired and different times will find you too busy.

I have a weaving buddy who seems to get more done than the rest of my weaving circle. She spends 5 hours a week weaving (or planning, finishing, etc). I've been trying to make sure I have 5 hours of weaving time in my schedule each week, and that has helped me get more done. (I'm still not super speedy or super prolific though - but I feel like I'm making progress!)