Sunday, November 16, 2008

Recycling 101

I have decided to try Handwoven's bag project from June 2008 using old plastic bags to weave a small grocery bag. Each plastic bag is cut into strips to use as weft instead of yarn. I am also weaving in handles using a strong yarn and to create either braided handles or crochet handles. The project is coming along slowly but surely. As usual, I put enough warp on the loom to make a lot of bags (which means I will probably never finish this project...):

Warped loom. I am using a sturdy purple cotton yarn for the warp.

For one of the bags I am using leftover plastic bags that Jon collected from United Health Care during the Federal Government's open season. In this photo you can also kind of see a red and white weft. These are from CVS plastic bags.

Close-up of a woven section.
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